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Casting Management Processes

Maintaining a complete database of all the talent on your books is what differentiates your company and/or productions. The connections and information you collect on each talent is intellectual property you not only need to protect but also have the power to leverage.

JamarGig provides a complete database of your talent, including all their previous assessments, applications and communications. 

Then leverage this information at your fingertips to connect with the right talent for your next audition.

One of your key differentiators is your talent list.

Create projects that contain everything you need to collect and assess talent for your or your clients production.

Define your casting team and what jobs they will be doing and which rounds and roles they are going to assess.

Create roles for your production including the number of talent required for each role, the attributes and the skills associated with each role.

Include project materials that talent need in order to perform their auditions and the application questions required for each round and/or role a talent is applying for.

Create projects which contains everything you need for your auditions.

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JamarGig has the most flexible and intuitive casting call round management solution available. Rounds can be used to setup the most simple or most complex audition process.

Manage both online or live rounds, across multiple locations, multiple roles and even split rounds between team members.

Conduct private, invite only or public rounds. Allow talent to schedule in their own appointments, manage calls using union or non-union monitors and instantly see which talent have been invited, applied, checked-in or completed their audition.

Organise your casting calls into rounds to keep things nice and organised

The most important part of running your audition is assessing your talent to find the ideal candidate.

JamarGig provides instant visibility of your talents images, videos and voice over files without even having to open the profile.

You can open talent to assess them with a click of a button, see the roles they applied for and roles that you think they may be suitable for.

JamarGig will also automatically display the skills applicable to the roles you believe they are suitable for so you can easily assess the talent based on the role requirements.

Capture searchable tags, make decisions, capture notes and even send notifications to talents.

Once you are done JamarGig will automatically show a summary of the decisions of your team and what talent the casting lead has selected.

Quickly assess your talent to find the perfect artists for your roles

At any time during the audition process you can select talent that you think are right for specific roles. You can assign talent to roles based on decisions from your team and the casting lead.

Once you are ready for your client to view your list you can send through the cast list for approval to selected client contacts.

Your clients will only see the talent you have selected for each role and a profile can be accessed completely online and securely.

Collaborate with clients using realtime chat and capture all the collaboration and final approvals for audit purposes. 

Once all talent have been approved export the cast list for distribution and contract creation.

Seamlessly involve your client in the final cast list selection.

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