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Talent to Casting

Make sure everything you need to succeed is captured within your profile. Skills, past credits, education and more. 

Maintain your own private media library of uploaded video reels, photos, resume's and voice-over sound files.

You have complete control on whether you want them to be private or accessible to casting companies.

Capture everything you need to land that next role.

Search for casting calls using rich filters including skills requested, locations, paid or unpaid roles and a lot more.

Once you have found the perfect role(s), simply select "Apply" and your profile information is automatically submitted.  You can even apply for multiple roles within one application.

If the audition requires further information simply enter the information related to the roles you would like to apply for.

All your media is available at your fingertips to submit straight from your personal media library.

All casting calls available at your fingertips

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The most frustrating thing for artists and entertainers is the lack of visibility of the status of your application. Sometimes you just want to know, yes or no. With JamarGig you are automatically kept in the loop with exactly what stage your application is at.

This is simple for the Casting company to manage.

Is my application still being assessed, what is the decision from my assessment and have I been called back or have I been selected for the cast?

Keep in the loop on what is going on with your application.

Get noticed by casting and receive direct invitations to apply for specific roles. Keep your invitations organised and quickly accept and apply for invitations with a simple click.

Instructions are all provided by the casting company with notifications being displayed within the app and via your email so you never miss that important gig again.

Get direct invitations from casting and production companies to submit your application

Live auditions are a breeze with JamarGig. Accept invitations and book available appointments, make appointments to open auditions or even turn up on the day of the audition, checkin and make your oppointment to open slots or sessions.

No appointment slots available? No problem JamarGig allows casting companies to setup standby lists to you still have a chance to be called up.

While at the audition receive live updates on audition progress, delays and even audition feedback and decisions.

Schedule appointments, checkin and be kept up to date at live auditions

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